Project Comfort's Holiday Clothing is about to get underway. 

Urgently needed are warm winter clothing including socks, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, winter boots, hats, coats and scarves and gloves.

The respite centres in the downtown area simply do not have room to store off-season clothing. While they, and Project Comfort, appreciates the kindness of our neighbors  we ask everyone to concentrate on the more urgent items


This year Project Comfort's goal is to put  donation barrels in the lobby of a minimum of 6 condos in each of Liberty Village, Fort York and City Place.

To accomplish this we need a resident in a condo building to obtain authorization from their board for the barrel, collect and sort donated items, and deliver the donated items to one of the local designated shelters.

If you would like to participate in this strategy please email us at




There are many donations strategies that serve the needs of the homeless and vulnerable members of our community. Project Comfort's donation strategy looks to address the often overlooked or urgent items.

Project Comfort has installed a number of small donation barrels similar to the  one illustrated in the picture. Each month we identify a specific item to be donated.  We email a PDF document with the donation item to our donation partners who can print and attach to the barrel wrap.



Each barrel has a commercial plastic liner ( with additional ones in the bottom). At the end of the month partners can take the plastic bag to designated respite centres in downtown Toronto.

There are even opportunities for team building where partners can send a few employees to assist in serving lunch when they drop the donated items off..



This program is ideally suited for schools where space is not suitable for clothing or food drives. It is a monthly reminder to students of those in our community that encounter challenges and difficulties.

To participate in Project Comfort's donation strategy please email us at 

Our Partners

Fred Victor


A charitable organization that fosters long-lasting change in the lives of people across Toronto.

St. Felix Centre


Provides support to some of the most marginalized individuals in Toronto’s downtown core.

Home First


With a home, people gain respect, dignity and the ability to care for themselves and others.