Project Comfort

Upcoming Events


Project Comfort Volunteer and Event Coordinators have been working hard to put together three events planned for the summer of 2019. We desperately need the help and assistance of volunteers to make these event successful.

Whether your interest lies in directly coordinating an event, pre-event support or helping at an event we encourage you to volunteer.


Weekly Saturday Lunch St. Felix -Each Saturday volunteers help serve lunch and wash dishes at Liberty Village Respite Centre. Volunteers can offer to volunteer as needed or on a schedule / day that is suitable for them. Simply fill out the form below and our coordinator will reach out to you.  CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS EVENT

St. Felix Centre Barbeque (Liberty Village)  July 6rh 2019 11:00 am - Project Comfort will be hosting a barbeque for St Felix Centre's guests. We need volunteers to canvas local businesses to donate food and supplies for the event. During the event we need volunteers to cook, clean and interact with our guests.  CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS EVENT

Lakeshore / Gore Park Barbeque - August 3rd 2019 11:00 am  Project Comfort will be hosting a barbeque for Homes First and Fred Victor guests. During the event we need volunteers to cook, clean and interact with our guests.


Art At the  Bentway - One evening we will bring together local artists and guests of the area respite centres to teach, create and design unique personal works of art. We need volunteers from instructors through to cheer leaders to encourage participants.                        CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS EVENT

Summer Volunteer Drive - In August Project Comfort will be holding an evening at one of the local restaurants. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about Project Comfort and share your ideas with us. Event planners and other volunteers are needed to help work on this project.

Welcome Gore Park Respite Centre - In May Fred Victor will be transitioning the respite centre at Lakeshore to Gore Park. It will take them a bit of time to get organized and acclimatized to their new surroundings. Once they give us the go ahead Project Comfort will be hosting an event to welcome them and their guests to our community. Planning has already started but we need more volunteers.

SUGGEST AN EVENT - We invite volunteers to suggests event ideas. Our leadership is committed to supporting and making your event successful. Please note that shelter operators must approve events / dates.  CLICK HERE TO SUGGEST AN EVENT

Past Events


Coffee On the bentway

On November 4th 2018 Project Comforted hosted local residents of Fort York, Liberty Village, City Place and area shelters.  A special thanks to Tim Hortons at Dan Leckie Way and Fort York for supplying the donuts.  The event allowed attendees to engage in open dialogue resulting in new ideas where we can assist residents in their transition to sustainable housing.



Alongside Fred Victor, Project Comfort hosted a holiday gathering at the Respite Centre on Bathurst St & Lake Shore Blvd W. 

This was an opportunity to share with the less fortunate in our community and create a memorable experience for those in need a during the holiday season.


Regal Public School Visit - December 20th, 2018

Project Comfort had the pleasure of speaking to first and second graders at Regal Public School. Many of the children shared how they like to help the homeless by giving them food or change. 

They presented a mitten tree to help out those in need. On the tree were:

21 winter hats

11 scarves

25 sets of mittens/gloves

46 sets of socks

6 pairs of boys’ underwear

3 pair of girls’ underwear

1 set of earmuffs

Raising funds for st felix


On February 26th 2019 volunteers of Project Comfort participated in the "Coldest Night of the Year" walk. 

Raising the second largest group donation amount for St Felix local residents showed their pride in their community.

Thanks to all who participated and donated to this event.