Project Comfort relies solely on the support of our volunteers. Even a few hours a month will contribute significantly in providing comfort and assistance to those facing challenges in our community. Please join our list below or contact


Below are opportunities where individuals can bring their unique skill sets and ideas to our initiatives. We welcome new ideas and  concepts to assist operators and guests of respite centres. 

Making a difference - Saturday Lunch Program

Every Saturday local  volunteers serve lunch to quests at the St Felix Respite Center ( Lamport Stadium - 69 Fraser Avenue - corner of Fraser and East Liberty or the Fred Victor Respite Centre ( Gore Park - Corner of Strachan Avenue and Fleet Street )

From serving dinner to washing dishes there is always some assistance volunteers can offer.  Only a few hours volunteers arrive for 11:00 am and are finished at approximately 1:00 pm.

Whether you want to volunteer just a single time, once a month or weekly your kindness is always welcomed.

ADAM VAUGHAN - Member of Parliament Spadina Fort York

"Project Comfort is what happens when communities decide to see everybody, regardless of circumstance, as a neighbour. The support given to people who are homeless in the community, and the initiative to step up and serve people in very vulnerable settings makes a huge difference. Project Comfort is a critical contribution to ending homelessness in our community, because it makes the people we are trying to serve real."




Project Comfort is run by volunteers in each group who are best able to put their ideas forward and establish the goals of each group.

Donations Committee: Volunteers who are interested in assisting in various donation drives within the community.

Communications Committee: There are several different communication channels we have established as well as a committee to organize communication strategies. 

Events Committee: Put together various events or programs for the residents of local shelters and respite centres.  

To join a committee please fill in the form below or email us at  indication your preference.