Safe at Home


Safe at Home is a whole community response to the urgent issue of homelessness in Whitehorse. This Plan is an attempt to highlight what needs to happen to end and prevent homelessness, and to support better community coordination to provide better care for vulnerable people. This plan is about the whole community, all of us, working together and saying, ‘these are the necessary actions to end homelessness in Whitehorse’, it advocates for more effective community coordination to provide better care for vulnerable people. 

Toronto Street Needs Assessment 2018

Toronto’s fourth homeless count and survey was conducted on the night of April 26, 2018. The Street Needs Assessment (SNA) is a needs assessment survey and point-in-time count of people experiencing homelessness in Toronto.

Epic program

An Evaluation of the Eviction Prevention in the Community (EPIC) Program

Engaging communities in First Step Housing and Services

Report of the facilitator on developing a new framework for siting homeless shelters in the City of Toronto.

Bruce Davis January, 2017

24-Hour Respite Sites Infrastructure & Service Improvement

City of Toronto announcement and information on location of Respite Centres at Gore Park (Fort York) and Lamport Stadium (Liberty Village). Link also provides useful contact information.


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